Things You Tell Yourself

When you’re trying for your first baby, in your thirties, and it’s the second time in your life that all of your friends are getting pregnant, there’s a lot happening in your brain.

-I’m just going to quit the pill and whatever happens happens.

-Maybe I should get a fertility app – just to track my period.

-All my friends are trying for babies too! Maybe we’ll all get pregnant at the same time!

-I’m doing an awesome job at being a wife, our sex life is so great.

-I’ll just read a few articles about fertility and the best ways to try to get pregnant.

-What? All this information is conflicting. Have sex every day, have sex every other day, have sex multiple times a day.

-Of course, I’m not going to get pregnant the first month. I mean, other people have. But I probably won’t. That’s okay. I have plenty of time.

-Not feeling great today. Is that a symptom? Is it too soon to start feeling symptoms?

-Guess I have to wait til next month and try again. Maybe I should get ovulation tests?

-Waiting another 3 weeks…ugh. Such a waste of time.

-What are the best kinds of ovulation tests? Geez, these are expensive.

-Getting up every morning for two weeks and peeing on a stick sucks.

-Finally got a smiley face! What if I actually get pregnant this time?

-How many time should I have sex while I’m ovulating?

-I’m fine. I’m fine. I’m fine.

-Taking a pregnancy test in the bathroom at Walmart is totally normal.

-It’s okay that I’m not pregnant.

-Being jealous of your friends isn’t healthy. Normal, but not healthy. Or it’s not normal, but you can’t help it either way.

-I might never get pregnant. And I have to be okay with that.

-I’ll probably be fine. I’ll probably get pregnant in a regular amount of time. I just need to stop thinking about it.

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