Will You be my Therapist?

When you scrap your therapist and know you still need therapy, you’ve got to keep moving. I couldn’t let that setback let me sink further. So I went back to researching therapists. A friend told me about the different licenses/degrees people could have and told me to look for specific things when choosing a new person.

I happened to be on Facebook one day (let’s be real, I live on that app) and saw a friend that worked for a therapy group. So I started looking into them, everything sounded good, so I sent an email about how to make an appointment.

I picked a few people off the website based on their profiles, or I should say, I picked a few female therapists. For some reason, I have no desire to ever see a male doctor for anything. I’m sure male therapists are great. But I just don’t feel comfortable.

So then I had to wait for an email back from the new place, and then I was asked to make a phone call.

I hate talking on the phone.

It was hard – I just tried to portray why I was leaving one therapist and looking for another. I’m trying to get over the minor PTSD about discussing The Egg for two weeks in a row. She seemed normal. She made it seem like I wasn’t crazy for thinking I needed a new therapist. So I decided to make it happen and make an appointment.

Now I’m just dreading the next time I have to answer the question “Why are you at therapy?” Because I obviously answered it wrong last time. And everything is still a mess.  And hey, can I ever get through that question without crying?

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