Second Therapy Session

After a strange first session with the therapist and her focus on The Egg, I decided I should meet with her second time, give it another chance.

Kind of like when I was dating, and I thought I should go on a second date with the guy who wanted to show me pictures of his kidney stone.

Turns out neither of them deserved a second chance.

This time, she started the appointment late, spent the first several minutes discussing caffeine and how much she needed it, got a cup of coffee, then decided to look through my paperwork. When we finally got the conversation going, she decided to check her phone several times while I talked.

Gee, that sure made me feel like what I was saying was important.

Then she started talking about The Egg again, for way too long. She even asked me what my plan was for the week to not get too much anxiety about pregnancy. I said that I was planning on trying not to take a pregnancy test. That I would just wait and see.

She said, “Nope. That won’t work.”

Again I questioned, is this therapy? Because if this is therapy, I could have called a judgmental relative instead and saved my time. I thought the point would be to come up with strategies to ease my anxiety. I guess not.

The therapist literally said that the only thing I could do that week, was build an altar to The Egg and make offerings to it. She even googled a picture of a buddhist altar to use as a reference point. She was mostly joking, but she spent a lot of time talking about it.

She also complained twice about the cost of her infertility treatments.

Are we both here for the right reasons?

We finally got to stop talking about my eggs and fertility – just to focus on my husband and how he felt about trying for a baby. I was talking about our sex life and how I want to try not to make it a chore, and her great advice?

Show more cleavage around the house and wear sexy yoga pants. Seriously.

I’m not sure if it was the altar business, the checking her cell phone, or the cleavage advice that put me over the edge – but in any case, I decided I’m not going back to use her therapy services.

And that decision is really hard. It’s hard to open yourself up to a stranger in person. It’s hard to even decide for yourself that you need therapy. Everything already felt like a giant mess, and now here’s one more thing to figure out. Where do you go from there? Which therapist do you try next? Do you hold back at the next appointment for fear that this therapist isn’t “the one” either? I already have anxiety about my anxiety. Now I have anxiety about finding someone to talk about my anxiety with! Did I go into the appointment in the wrong mindset? What do I tell the next therapist when she inevitably asks, “Why are you at therapy?”

Things You Tell Yourself

When you’re trying for your first baby, in your thirties, and it’s the second time in your life that all of your friends are getting pregnant, there’s a lot happening in your brain.

-I’m just going to quit the pill and whatever happens happens.

-Maybe I should get a fertility app – just to track my period.

-All my friends are trying for babies too! Maybe we’ll all get pregnant at the same time!

-I’m doing an awesome job at being a wife, our sex life is so great.

-I’ll just read a few articles about fertility and the best ways to try to get pregnant.

-What? All this information is conflicting. Have sex every day, have sex every other day, have sex multiple times a day.

-Of course, I’m not going to get pregnant the first month. I mean, other people have. But I probably won’t. That’s okay. I have plenty of time.

-Not feeling great today. Is that a symptom? Is it too soon to start feeling symptoms?

-Guess I have to wait til next month and try again. Maybe I should get ovulation tests?

-Waiting another 3 weeks…ugh. Such a waste of time.

-What are the best kinds of ovulation tests? Geez, these are expensive.

-Getting up every morning for two weeks and peeing on a stick sucks.

-Finally got a smiley face! What if I actually get pregnant this time?

-How many time should I have sex while I’m ovulating?

-I’m fine. I’m fine. I’m fine.

-Taking a pregnancy test in the bathroom at Walmart is totally normal.

-It’s okay that I’m not pregnant.

-Being jealous of your friends isn’t healthy. Normal, but not healthy. Or it’s not normal, but you can’t help it either way.

-I might never get pregnant. And I have to be okay with that.

-I’ll probably be fine. I’ll probably get pregnant in a regular amount of time. I just need to stop thinking about it.